Welcome to our new website.

Welcome to our new website. Photography was once Chuck’s domain; Chuck took the pictures and Cindy enjoyed the result. However, over the last year Cindy has developed a passion of her own for photography and she is getting ready to start sharing her own photos. So, we needed a place where we could both share our work with others.

In addition to photography, Cindy is a designer and is very interested in incorporating our photographs into other works. Our calendars (see the Immanuel 2016 calendar) is one example of our design projects; Cindy’s “My Best Friend” poem is another. Cindy is also looking at other projects, such as greeting or thank-you cards.

This website is intended to accommodate both our desire to share our photographs and our desire to share our designs. We hope you spend some time exploring our work, and we hope that you will take time to send us your comments on our work.

Cindy and Chuck